Relax indoors with a mojito and a good book

Tips for relaxing at home and reducing stress 

How to relax your nerves?

In a world where we move ever faster, we almost seem to have lost the ability to do one of those seemingly most mundane things: relax at home. But how?, some might say: after a year and a half of the pandemic, we have worked too hard to find a way to spend time indoors. But the limitations imposed by Covid remain insufficient to change a way of life that now belongs to us with no possibility of return: we run around the world, we distribute our energies among an incredible amount of different stimuli and we adapt, even if we criticize it, to a reality in where smartphones fill the moments of pause and emptiness.

What does it mean to relax at home today? Think about it: how many times has it happened to you to throw yourself on the sofa with the intention of spending ten minutes there, only to realize that an hour has passed when you have scrolled through the updates on Instagram or Facebook? When we feel tired, we usually engage in passive activities such as cell phones, where information reaches us and holds us without our effort, but relaxing at home through occupations that activate the mind can be just as pleasant, as well as more rewarding. .

Relax the mind

In the summer, when the heat kills your energy, there is nothing more pleasant than finding a cool corner of the house and immersing yourself in reading a good book, perhaps while sipping a cold drink. Many see reading as something challenging, almost an activity for an intellectual elite: this is a cliché that has absolutely no reason to exist. The book market offers a range of possibilities that embrace everyone's tastes, there are not only 800-page books or those incomprehensible and boring readings that we were often given at school. It is true that reading is an activity that requires more significant mental effort than watching a movie, but when you find the book that fits your personality and tastes you devour it, just like the episodes of our series favorite. And when that happens, the experience is even more intense, because books have this ability to take us to another world: so many moods, impressions, emotional nuances that a film lets us guess, the book puts them before our eyes , explains them, makes them clear and visible to our sensitivity.

In short, relaxing at home does not necessarily mean turning off the brain and then summing up the day and realizing that there is nothing productive left. Sometimes it doesn't take much: knowing how to carve out a moment of tranquility with yourself and being ready to immerse yourself in a good story.