The must haves of summer shoes to buy with the sales

There are so many models of shoes that can be worn in the summer that if normally women would like a walk-in closet just for shoes, with the advent of summer the desire becomes that of renting an apartment on purpose. Let's add that the sales tickle our desire to buy, and here we end up filling ourselves with sandals, heels, sneakers of all kinds ... And in this moment in which there is a desire to go out and be together, after the many limitations that we had to endure, we just can't give up the must have of summer shoes for summer 2021.

Shoe trends in 2021

Surely what cannot be missing in your wardrobe are metallic shades, perfect for tanned skin. With the sales, the shops are filled with jeweled sandals, glittered, with rhinestones, which are loved so much because they adapt to daywear but also to a more refined dress, to give a delicate and trendy touch to the outfits of a summer evening.

Laced shoes are a must, available in endless combinations with or without heels: they slim the figure and make even the most sober outfits fascinating, which need a pinch of originality. But be careful with the combinations, which must be chosen in a calibrated way: a high slave sandal must preferably be combined with a skirt or shorts that cushion the effect a bit, to remain chic but without exaggerating. The number one enemies of sandals that tie along the calf remain skirts and trousers that are too long: the leg must be shown (preferably tanned).

The must have of summer shoes remain the models that allow us not to give up the comfort we are used to in these months, that's why there are so many solutions that combine comfort and grace. The highlights of the summer are low heels, which in terms of elegance often have nothing to envy to the dreaded stiletto heels. There are low and thin Audrey Hepburn-style ones, perfect for a day at work, but among the growing trends we also see square-toe heels, which ensure stability even for the most reluctant to wear high shoes.

For those who don't like open shoes, among the must have of summer shoes there is no shortage of ankle boots: models that we love so much in winter they can usually be found in their version for the summer, and how trendy are summer dresses combined with a low boot?

Don't forget that the trend for summer 2021 seems to be pastel-coloured, lively and refined shoes, excellent for making even a simple little black dress sparkling.

In short, shoes are confirmed as the protagonists of a trendy wardrobe, loved by women who, like every year, are the category that most takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the sales... After all, in the heart of a woman there There's always room for a new pair of shoes.