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Article: Discover the trends of summer 2021

Scopri  le tendenze dell'estate 2021
Tendenze 2021

Discover the trends of summer 2021

Spring summer 2021 fashion trends

 We look forward to it all year round and here it is: the warm season has finally arrived! Let's say goodbye to the cold, let's enjoy the warm sun and the colors that this season brings.But what should we expect from spring summer 2021 fashion? Styles, colors and models: let's find out together which will be the main trends of the season.


The spring summer 2021 fabrics

With the choice of spring summer 2021 fabrics we will finally be able to give voice to our personality.The key word of the season is: leisure.Our looks will burst with joy with the fabrics chosen for spring summer 2021 fashion! Lace, sequins, satin and suede are back on stage.


The spring summer 2021 colors

The spring summer 2021 color palette will be very varied.We will find imaginative, vital and energetic colors but also the inevitable neutral shades.

Pink mania will spread! Pink will be the protagonist in various shades: from pastel pink to extreme shocking pink, it cannot be missing from your looks.

Powder, dust or antique: the delicate nuances of the girls' favorite color is truly très chic.

In perfect balance between fuchsia and soft pink is the shade of pantone 203, the classic pink for princesses.

Whether you call it shocking pink or fuchsia pink, it is one of the most intense shades of pink and is also one of the most present for the next season in terms of fashion.

Pink goes with everything, so give free rein to your creativity: use softer shades to be more sober and instead the more flamboyant ones to hit the mark.

 We will light up like the sun with yellow, a touch of joy to show off to leave the gray winter behind us.Illuminating yellow was elected together with the Ultimate Gray color of the year 2021 by the Pantone Color Institute.A bright and cheerful yellow with a warm tone, imbued with the power of the sun, capable of instilling grit and courage.Perfect when worn with black, light blue, denim or butter white, it can also be combined with pink for looks that do not go unnoticed.

From the waves of the sea to the infinite sky, light blue will also be talked about in the wardrobe.Celestial blue, named by the Pantone Color Institute "cerulean", is undoubtedly the most relaxing shade among the pastel shades in vogue this season.A soothing shade that brings joy and comfort with its delicate touch.

 The camel color will also make room in the summer, are you ready to show it off with tanned skin? Mix it in all its absolute degradé shades or together with butter white for a perfect ton sur ton look.

Last but not least we find butter white among the spring summer 2021 fashion colors.

A shade of white tending towards yellow that has an intrinsic softness: it blends beautifully with pastel tones, inspiring a romantic and chic air, reaching the peak of its potential in combination with black leather accessories.


Shoes spring summer 2021

What will we wear on our feet in the summer? Many news awaits us in terms of shoes for spring summer 2021.

We will find comfortable heels and a return of the plateau, discreet and feminine as regards sandals and décolleté.

Jewel inserts, rhinestones and points of light enliven the flat open-toe shapes, while sophisticated cruise-style graphics embellish the open shoes with heels in slave sandals.The shoes in original fabrics stand out, for example the sandals with eye-catching applications in tulle and mesh.

Now let's see the spring summer 2021 fashion models that absolutely cannot be missing in our wardrobe.

The ankle boots and biker boots that we loved in the winter season will be trendy again this time in a light version for the summer.

The slipper or flip flop sandals, with a minimal chic style and declined in soft colors, cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

Indispensable will also be the sneakers declined in various shades of safari colors or pastel colors.

Strictly pointed slingbacks will be another trend of the summer.

Great return of the moccasin that will go crazy in warm colors like beige or camel or in the ever-present pastel shades.

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