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Article: Techniques and Tricks for Enlarged Leather Boots

Tecniche e trucchi per allargate Stivali in pelle
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Techniques and Tricks for Enlarged Leather Boots

How to stretch leather boots

If more than once you have asked yourself desperately "how to widen leather boots?" and above all if it's possible to do so, don't despair, the answer is yes.Save yourself these 5 simple DIY hacks now.You will be able to obtain effective results that will finally make you wear the shoes you love without having to suffer.Remember that it may be necessary to repeat the operations several times before being able to obtain the desired result.


Fill the shoes in the area you want to widen with wadded up wet newspaper, leave it to act for a few hours then remove the paper and let the shoes dry before trying them on.


Wear the shoe with thick socks and heat the shoe with the hair dryer in the area to be widened.Wait for the shoe to cool down and then take it off.Repeat this procedure until you get the desired result.


Fill the food bags halfway with water and insert them into the shoe by pushing them all the way down, wrap the shoes with plastic bags and place them in the freezer for a few hours, even overnight.Once you take them out of the freezer, wait for the bags of water to thaw before taking them out and then check the final result.


Buy specific products or create a blend of 50% alcohol and 50% water.Rub or spray the liquid on the area you want to enlarge until the skin is moistened then put on thick socks and boots.Try to keep them on for as long as possible before taking them off.


There are various types of shoe stretchers, each specifically designed to widen a specific area. Before buying one, define well which one is right for you.You can prepare the boot with a dilator liquid as in the previous solution or introduce the shoe stretcher directly inside it and then adjust it with the knobs.The optimal result is obtained after 24-48.


How to widen boots on the instep

Can't wait to show off your new boots but once you put them on you notice that they squeeze your instep? Don't despair, we will now reveal some simple tricks with which you can widen your boots on the instep quickly and effectively.


Wear heavy socks, preferably damp, and walk in your boots inside the house for an hour a day.This method is especially effective for widening leather boots.


Using shoe stretchers is the least painful way to get the desired result in the problem area.When buying the shoe stretcher, make sure it is the model indicated for widening the instep since there are various types in relation to the various points on which they will have to act.There are practical professional dilating liquids in spray or foam to be combined with a shoe stretcher or you can make a homemade mixture of water and 50% alcohol.After spraying the shoe with the spray or foam, insert the shoe stretcher inside it, adjust it and leave it to act for about a quarter of an hour.You can buy the shoe stretcher together with the spray in the best-stocked shoe shops, from your trusted shoemaker or on the internet.


If you weren't able to get the desired results or if you want to be on the safe side, the solution that's right for you is to take your boots to a shoemaker, who thanks to his professional equipment will be able to solve the painful problem in a couple of days.


Shoemaker stretches boots

The most frequent problems for which it is necessary to widen leather boots are: hallux valgus, hammer toes, very wide soles and shoes that are not as perfect as they should.For every type of problem there is a possible solution but only a true master of the sector will be able, after analyzing which are the critical points of pain during walking, to make you fit your boots like a glove saying goodbye to pain.

The shoemaker is a professional craftsman who takes care of the care and maintenance of footwear.Thanks to his manual skills, the various techniques and professional tools available to him, by contacting a "shoe technician" you will have only one certainty: the shoemaker stretches the boots.

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