The first Valery shop was born in 1998 in Latina in via Priverno n°13, at the time it also had another name and was completely different from today. After a process of research and studies, the name was first changed to Valerì and then to Valery, we only specialized in the "women" sector, which in our opinion is the driving force behind the company.

The best brands of "Italian footwear" are tested,  a careful selection is made that continues to this day. In 2010, it was decided to open a second shop in order to strengthen and accelerate our growth, until we became a reference shop not only in our city but also in the entire province. Now we believe we are structured and able to make our research and knowledge of Made in Italy available to all those who, like us, appreciate things of taste and quality, thus was born. The site was created mainly with the aim of spreading in Italy and in the rest of the world our Italian taste and style which has given us so much satisfaction. We specialize in women's shoes, bags and accessories from the best Made in Italy fashion brands.

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