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If you have always dreamed of wearing Apepazza shoes in Cosenza, there is only one reason. The Apepazza shoe company was founded in 1983 in Padua from an idea by Adriana, Claudio and Roberto Bagante. Sons of art, in the early 80s the three brothers at the time in their early twenties, revitalizing old warehouse inventories with accessories specially handmade by a costume jewelery friend, put together the first collection of jeweled shoes. Embroideries, stones, pearls, rhinestones, sequins were the focal point of the first Apepazza shoes. More than a search for style, it was a fun game that later turned into a great passion. The accessories, emblem of the brand since the beginning, were all handcrafted in Italy and assembled exclusively by hand, pair by pair.

Apepazza shoes

If you have been looking for Apepazza shoes in Cosenza for some time, you will find everything you want in our store. Buying a pair of Apepazza shoes doesn't just mean giving yourself a little moment of joy. The search for uniqueness and originality are the cornerstones on which the company has always been based. Apepazza shoes embody the desire and the possibility of feeling special in everyday life through the use of jewels, embroidery and accessories. These elements are the protagonists and the strongest symbols of brand recognition. Expert craftsmen work in team with designers to always create new little jewels that will enrich Apepazza shoes. From stones, to pearls, to embroideries up to uppers entirely built and sewn by hand, accessory after accessory.


The Apepazza woman

If you can't find Apepazza shoes in Cosenza, order them in our online store. because they will arrive comfortably at your home. The Apepazza woman is a woman with a rich but simple personality, exuberant but at the same time balanced. Apepazza shoes are dedicated to the sporty, casual-chic woman with a bold and assertive sensuality. Thanks to their details, Apepazza shoes will make even the most anonymous look lively and sparkling. The Apepazza proposals cannot be missing in the wardrobe of those who want to focus on a completely sparkling outfit. Apepazza shoes are irresistibly chic and embody women's desire to play with colors and to feel special in everyday life through the use of jewels, ropes, fringes and embroidery.

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