Valery shop and online shop of OXS shoes in Palermo for women by designer 

OXS: an entirely made in Italy artisan tradition

Wearing OXS shoes for women simply means wearing an all-Italian story, the result of work and dedication set in motion in Arcevia. In the province of Ancona. In 1991 the company "Linea Marche" created the OXS brand thanks to the visionary and acute intuition of its founder: Renato Curzi. Over time, the brand has become famous for the peculiar and characteristic OXS Frank amphibian. Real flagship product of the brand in question. An urban shoe, comfortable, and never out of fashion.

OXS shoes for women: the dark amphibian of your dreams 

The amphibian, in fact, is the real flagship product for what concerns OXS shoes for women. The female world, the one most accustomed to dark and noir atmospheres, is literally crazy about it. If you are looking for one, you are exactly in the right place: getting OXS shoes for women in Palermo has never been easier. Just enter our store. There, in fact, you will find the best of OXS shoes: once ordered, they will arrive comfortably at home. Quickly and in all their shiny elegance.

OXS shoe shop in your city 

Are you looking for a OXS shoe store in Palermo? There is no problem whatsoever. Enter our online shop and give yourself crazy joy thanks to an easy and intuitive browsing experience: choose, order, welcome your new shoes into your home! The woman who chooses OXS shoes knows that she is going to wear the best that Italy can offer from the dark and heritage world. The perfect combination for the perfect style. Designed for a predominantly metropolitan look: basic and chromatically oriented towards dark and plain shades. As well as a more colorful and irreverent punk style. Eclecticism, on the other hand, is not lacking when it comes to OXS shoes for women.

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